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Cisco Systems dives into the components of why their systems work for and by the American worker.

Cisco Systems dives into the components of why their systems work for and by the American worker

Cleaner, safer and effectual are the words described in many areas of industrial manufacturing complex. The human factor is the common dominator made by advances. Consider the production of silicon chips made in the high tech commerce. The level of technical skills in engineering is executed to a granular and finite process. Lets take a look at another example. Since the dawn of the fabrication process, the automotive assembly of vehicles was introduced by Ford marked the value of the American worker wages and execution of a finished product. Here the enclosed environment determines the protocol while other production techniques take on another type of completion. Being out in the field [outdoors] for many laborers and engineers is harsh and demanding. The extraction of coal or oil requires required armed based equipment much like the devices used in military corps in the desert and a smart grid infrastructure. First responders are unique in this area and an instant response is mission critical.

All manufacturers are looking to implement communication and devices that have safety in mind. If executed properly, these technology systems like the canary in the coal mine. It minimizes human error and shrinks hazards placed in the work environment.

Today rather than canaries their cages, the equipment uses millions of sensors and video cameras making to monitor safety in manufacturing and their workers.

It has to be rugged and robust! Peter Granger of Cisco explained the importance of networking all the key sensors together in manufacturing environments and how technology goes into a hand into glove approach for safety for laborers. We work with our partners to install contextual information that can be reviewed and tracked by corp. offices and not just locally at the manufacturing location. He explained. It also relies on the distinction made by the use of sensors and/or radio frequency information devices (RFID) tags as well as videos. A local operator can detect a problem when the machine goes down on the floor or if certain hazardous gases are identified at any given time and safety managers or central experts are dispatched immediately and response is critically executed.

Sometimes safety can be illustrated by a communication device which has a GPS behavior component located on the dashboard. This can be a critical cog to heavy equipment like a fork lift. The Cisco executive gave a visual story in a warehouse environment. A fork lift operator carries out his or her duties within the building. There can be scores of inventory and aisles. A good example is a Coca-Cola distribution center. While driving their vehicle and attempting to communicate to his or her boss; the operator needs to be hands free. He keeps in compliance to California (OSHA) laws while keeping safety in check. He is hands free and automated on his equipment while keeping directions clear to the right spot and pulling the correct product for distribution.

On a broader point, this senior adviser stressed the importance of the first responders and regulation the Cisco Team examines at given point of the high-tech blueprint of a manufacturing facility. It has to be intrinsically safe for all access points for location, workers, and devices. Manufacturers are demanding innovative machines that work in outdoor and more rugged environments to increases business agility, optimize productivity and help achieve sustainability objectives all while lowering their total cost of ownership.

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